Sinister Cinema: Crawling Eyes, She Beasts and flesh eaters

Audio/Video Plus's archives have turned up some of our favorite horror and sci-fi movie inserts, which were sent as a press packet to the Houston store in the mid-1990s from Sinister Cinema's Medford, Oregon headquarters.

"A man dissolves...and out of the oozing mist comes the hungry eye," reads the synopsis from THE CRAWLING EYE. A horror/terror double feature of THE SHE BEAST and THE EMBALMER advertises a full "old-time drive-in intermission." Check out HORROR HOTEL, where one only ring for doom service and the guests are over 300 years old. And THE FLESH EATERS promises "one of the greatest shockers of all time"--an ex-Nazi tests a flesh-eating strain of bacteria on shipwreck survivors on a deserted island.

Enjoy these low budget B movie scans with original artwork by James Rubino from the Sanctum!

(Images courtesy of Audio/Video Plus Archives.)