VidAmerica Inc. VHS/Beta Catalog "The Collectibles" Summer/Fall 1981

Collecting videotapes to keep the physical medium alive isn't new. As early as 1981—when video rentals revolutionized home viewing—a NYC-based company compiled a wide range of titles for its Summer/Fall catalog, dubbed "the collectible library."

"Whatever your tastes," VidAmerica's pocket-sized pub includes a random, obscure assortment of films, including sports documentaries Ali: Skill Brains & Guts (1975), unknown world docs such as Charles Berlitz's The Bermuda Triangle (1979), risque exploitation films such as Sugar Cookies (1973), Euro sleaze standards such as Joe D'Amato's Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976), Sci Fi, Horror classics such as The Thing (1951) and King Kong (1933), and even the oddball instructional video such as Caring for Your Newborn with Dr. Benjamin Spock.

This vintage catalog from Audio/Video Plus's 1980s archive is now a living document in the Sanctum.