On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan decried, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" While the world was changing, the threat of invasion was real in the minds of many. All Seasons Entertainment answered the call with an instructional series titled the "Civilian Intelligence Action," promising a no-holds-barred approach to fighting invaders from your front porch. Video fans slept well knowing that Chuck Norris was on the scene and keeping America safe, but apparently the world needed more!

The Civilian Anti-Terrorist press kit advertises a live demonstration of the Manville 24-shot "Full-Auto" riot gun (12 gauge), which was manufactured and quickly taken out of production during prohibition when mobsters ruled the US. To date, the only evidence we've seen of this video release's existence is this very press kit! To the best of our knowledge, All Seasons Entertainment remained active through 1988-89 but it's unclear whether the press kit generated enough interest for a widespread release. The item is stated as a "mail-order" release so its likely only a handful of these made it into the hands of interested video viewers. Please shoot us a line if you own or have seen this release! (This press kit was featured previously by Lunchmeat.)