This members-only catalog from REEL WILD CINEMA (RWC), a mid-1990s TV show that revived lowbrow, low-budget B movies on basic cable, was created and distributed by Mondo-A-Go! Go! Productions Inc. out of N. Hollywood, Calif. Hosted by comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard, RWC was conceived by Something Weird Video's Mike Vraney , a purveyor of wild-and-weird cult films and other cinematic "trash" through his Seattle based distribution company. The show ran for a brief, two-year stint, although today's internet audiences can now watch entire episodes on Something Weird's YouTube channel.

Check out the intro from Vraney and the RWC executive producers.


"Hang on! Your TV set is about to explode! REEL WILD CINEMA intends to shake things up with the most outrageous, the most obscure and the most shocking movies NEVER before shown on television. This catalog has many of our favorite exploitation/sexploitation, horror and sci-fi movies from the RWC archives.

"These 'labors of love' (often filmed on a shoe-string budget in a matter of days) have been transferred directly from their original source print or negative. Against all odds, these movies have miraculously survived decades of obscurity and adversity.

"In their day, many of these films were considered utter trash and were only shown in cheap grindhouse theaters and drive-ins across America. When the drive-ins went dark and multiplexes moved in, these movies were nearly on the brink of extinction. Due to the valiant efforts of the cinema sleuths at RWC, you can sit back and enjoy these one-shot wonders for years to come!"