About Video Sanctum

Founded in 2010 and based in Houston, Texas, Video Sanctum is an  international video retailer specializing in obscure, factory-sealed and out-of-print horror and exploitation films on analog media formats. Video Sanctum is owned and operated by video collectors who value the historical significance of genre film and media spanning the pre-digital era. We are proud to deliver quality VHS/Beta cassette tapes and other retro items to dedicated fans of HORROR, EXPLOITATION, SCI-FI and CULT films. While our ex-rental inventory is sourced from a number of defunct Texas video stores, the majority of new/factory sealed stock are part of the surviving inventory of Houston’s largest and most iconic independent video retailer, Audio/Video Plus.

Audio/Video Plus was founded in 1978 and served as one of the earliest retail video establishments in the US that brought studio-direct video cassette tapes to market. Audio/Video Plus closed for business in 2012. Our close affiliation to the video community and Audio/Video Plus provided an opportunity to preserve this legacy collection of video cassettes, film artifacts, video ephemera (movie posters, distributor catalogs, letters, and images), and promotional items now curated in our Video Store and Archives.

Video Sanctum is also an exclusive dealer of original Video Era artwork, including vintage cover art by Corey Wolfe, an illustrator who designed many iconic horror releases during the 1980s, including Magnum's DRILLER KILLER and DRIVE-IN MASSACRE and Vestron's CHOPPING MALL. Each item offered through Video Sanctum has been specifically selected by Wolfe from his private collection and is accompanied by a unique Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


As film buffs and video collectors, we pride ourselves on inspecting and verifying the quality of everything we sell and will provide you with detailed descriptions for every vintage item in our collection. Each listing is clearly identified as VHS, Beta, or other format. In addition, FACTORY SEALED (w/watermark), SEALED, and EX RENTAL are noted in our descriptions. Please read our condition points prior to purchase to avoid confusion or disappointment. Most of our inventory is over 30 years old, so there may be unexpected issues. Let us know. 


We want collectors to take pride in their score and to proudly display our VHS/Beta tapes in their video libraries. So we've made our policy simple:

  • If for any reason you receive a video from us and are not pleased with its condition, send us a note explaining the issue. 
  • Return our videos in the condition they were received.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to offer the most sought after obscure video tapes to a collector’s market that values film discovery. Our vision is to preserve the video tape as a cultural artifact as many films are only available on this format. More than just a retailer, Video Sanctum curates and preserves Houston's genre film/VHS history.


We respect your right to privacy and will not share your information publicly. All transactions are safe, secure, and private.